The Cat Legend That’s Been Around For Ages … But Is It A Myth Or A Marvel?


One of the oldest beliefs of all time is that cats have nine lives. So, is it true or a myth?

Believe it or not but, science has proven that cats don’t actually have nine lives. They only have one, like every other creature, but it’s their nimble ability and their agility that makes them seem like they escape death.

A cats speed is highly recognized. Their speed helps them to escape different dangerous situations. The belief about cats having nine lives exists because cats really do survive the most deadly of situations. For example, if there is a travelling vehicle heading straight for the unsuspecting kitty, they can easily escape a potential accident in the very last second, moments from death because of their quick reflexes and speed.

Cats have this ability to land on their feet, enabling them to maintain balance and avoid any real injuries. When a cat falls from a great height, they can easily twist it’s body around to make sure they land on their feet.


Another thing is that cats have a very high sense of danger. They know, for example, when there is a predator lurking or if there is something that is about to fall on them. Cats are really observant and have highly tuned defense mechanisms.

Now, it should go without saying, but, please avoid harming your cats or doing something dangerous to them just to prove whether or not they have nine lives. Cats are not miracle workers. They might survive accidents but scenarios that are intentionally done might be a little hard for them to escape from. Don’t be a foolish person who hurts their pet just to prove something. Cats don’t have nine lives, and that is a FACT.

Sometimes, even the best of us can be curious, but do your research before doing anything that might harm your kitty, especially when you’re dealing with something that might be a life and death situation.

Cats might very well deserve nine lives, but unfortunately, just like us, they don’t. That shouldn’t stop them from living the life they deserve!

Check out this crazy song in the video about a Cat’s Nine Lives. LOL! [mashshare]

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