Is Excessive Grooming A Problem For Your Kitty? Normal Versus Obsession.


We all know that cats spend most of the time sleeping. But when they’re awake, they spend their time playing, eating and most especially, GROOMING! Cats spend around 30% of their awake time grooming.

You know those times when we want to have a play with our kitty, and they just choose not to. Quite often instead they choose to groom themselves. If you give them something to eat, they’ll probably groom before and after they eat. That’s how much they spend their time cleaning themselves.

It is with little doubt that we can consider cats to be one of the cleanest animals on the planet. Imagine spending all that time cleaning themselves and when you think about it, many humans don’t even spend more than 5 minutes bathing.

Even though grooming is a natural activity for a cat, you need to also be aware of an issue with excessive grooming. This could be a sign of a psychological disorder for the cat. A cat normally grooms, but if they spend almost all their time doing it, it might be a good idea to talk to a veterinarian.


In addition to this, too much grooming for cat can also give them a lot of hairballs and hairballs could be bad news especially if it gets stuck inside a cat’s body. Take time to groom your cat yourself so that you minimize the amount of hair that your cat will swallow.

Last thing to remember, clean your cat or just put them in a clean space as much as possible. Too much licking especially if they lick a dirty part of their body, could result in accidental poisoning from some toxic substance, being very harmful for the cat.

Grooming for cat is natural. As long as it is in the normal state of grooming. But be careful and observant about what they lick and what part they groom. Prevent further accidents due to too much licking.

The video below shows normal behavior for a well groomed kitty.[mashshare]

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