10 Facts About A Cat’s Sleeping Habits That You May Not Know About


I think it is pretty safe to say that cats are known for sleeping. If you own a cat, you probably know that your feline spends a lot of its time curled up in its favorite spot. I was personally interested in why my cats spend the majority of their time doing this, so I decided to do some research in order to find out more. If like me you are curious about your cats sleeping habits, then read ahead.

So you probably know that cat’s do a lot of sleeping, but did you know that it can take up two thirds of their life. Cats can sleep for up to 16 to 20 hours a day, this may seem like a lot but it is perfectly normal for a cat. They spend the most time sleeping when they are very young and elderly, they also tend to sleep for longer periods when it is cold or rainy.

Cats sleep to conserve energy and due to them being naturally nocturnal they do most of their sleeping during the day. This is because a cat’s hearing and ability to see in dim light gives them an advantage over prey at night. Their wildcat ancestors would sleep all day in order to hunt at night.

Like humans, cats can experience REM sleep. This is the kind of sleep that they are in when they are dreaming and when their body and face twitches. However even if your cat is in deep REM sleep, they are still alert. Cats are able to either fight for flee at a moment’s notice. If you touch your cat while they are sleeping you will be able to see that they can snap to attention almost immediately.


If you have ever noticed your cat snoring it is probably because of the positon in which they are laying, that may be partially obstructing their airway. Breeds such as Persians with squished faces are more likely to snore.

Factors such as weather, age and time of day can affect how much your cat sleeps and while it may seem like they do it a lot, sleeping is an important part of a cat’s life. Check out this video from Cat Lessons about the 10 facts about the sleeping habits of cats.[mashshare]

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