Fight, Little Kitty. Fight For What’s Yours!

Oh. My. Goodness.


Is this kitten the cutest, or what? Look at those little legs! Don’t you just want to smoosh it’s little face? Squeeee!! I can feel my ovaries screaming at me for another … kitten! LOL

I can just imagine what it’s shrieking in its tiny little primal mind: “No! I kill! I hass kill! Mine! MINE I TELLS YOU! I HASS KILL NOW! GIMME MY KILL!”

Check out these ragdoll kittens playing tug-of-war with (I guess) their pet-parent!

I saw this video and it reminded me of when our kitties were itty bitty babies. Those first 12 months fly by so quickly, don’t you think? One would suppose that, by my way of thinking, I can just go and buy more kittens, right? But for some inexplicable reason, my husband seems to think that two cats are enough. Is he crazy?! Clearly he was dropped on his head as a child because one can never have enough cats. (Inbox me if you’re a rich, sexy, single man who loves lots and lots of cats. I *may* entertain the idea! LOL!)


My husband’s shortcomings aside, I love the way the kitten is holding on to this strip of fabric for dear life, those tiny little legs ninja-ing the living what’s-its out of the toy. Tell me you don’t want to just leap through your screen and play wrestle with it all night?!

What do you think? Do you miss your cat’s kittenish ways?[mashshare]

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