Warning: A List Of Foods You Must Avoid Giving To Your Cat

  • Raw eggs are a bad idea for your cat. They can cause food poisoning, salmonella, and skin problems. There is an enzyme in the egg’s white that prevents cats from properly absorbing important vitamins.
  • Raw fish: Yep, mind blown, right? Ironically, raw fish contains an enzyme that is toxic to cats, destroying their Thiamine, and if left untreated can lead to seizure and even death.
  • Last but not least: lilies. I know that lilies aren’t a food, but they’re commonly found in our vases and they toxic and ultimately deadly to our pets. Just like grapes and raisins, they can cause sudden kidney failure, so best to go for the roses next time 😉

These are just some of the naughty no-nos to feed our feline friends. Other substances to avoid according to the video from AnswersVideo are garlic, fat trimmings and bones (especially cooked bones), mushrooms, yeast dough, salt, garbage/food scraps and anything containing caffeine.

The moral to this story is to try to limit your cat’s experimentation when it comes to what’s in the cupboard. Approved at foods and treats only! That means no more lasagna for you, Garfield!

If you suspect that your pet has consumed any of these items, please seek medical advice immediately. Oh, and don’t forget about Whiskerbox – a great site for healthy treat option for your kitty![mashshare]


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