Getting To Know Your Cat Breeds: American Shorthair – Facts And Fiction


Next up in our A-Z of cat breeds (with corresponding YouTube videos! LOL. Apologies for the breeds that we have had to bypass because of this), is the American Shorthair!

The American Shorthair was officially recognized as one of the first five registered breeds of the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1906. Originally known as the “Domestic Shorthair”, it was renamed in 1965, more accurately representing its all-American status.

Years of record keeping and selective breeding has resulted in the breed that we know and love today, and allows the pedigrees to be identified from other non-pedigreed shorthairs due to their ability to pass on specific qualities and traits.

They are America’s very own breed, and its ancestors can be traced back to the early pioneers from Europe, and some records even suggest that some arrived here on the Mayflower! Historians suspect that these cats were on board to keep rodent numbers under control and minimize disease, but nowadays they are appreciated far more for their distinctive look and loving nature.


A long-lived and hardy breed, they will often outlive most dogs, keeping our laps warm for up to 15 years. They’re easygoing, and calm, accepting newcomers and visitors with ease and often welcoming them into the home. They are moderately active with great hunting skills, but won’t demand too much of your time. They will greet you at the door and follow you from room to room. They love children, and are known to tolerate family dogs fairly well given their quiet nature.

They come in a huge variety of coat patterns and colors, including stripes, solid, tabby, red and white, black and silver, tortoiseshell, calico, brown, red, and cream to name a few! Their coat is short, thick and even, and they enjoy a good, weekly brush.

Weighing up to 15lbs, the American Shorthair will reach this size by the time that they are three or four years of age.  A very quiet cat, their small squeaks and meows in stark contrast to their robust size, but their owners adore them nonetheless.[mashshare]

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