Don’t Give Grooming Your Cat The Brush-Off


Some people love their cats shorthaired. Some even love their cats to be bald! Me? Well, I’ve had kitties with both short and long coats, and though the grooming is a bit of a nuisance, I can’t get enough of those big, bushy tails. For me, there’s something about the long coat that adds to the regal look of our fur-kids, and I wouldn’t have them any other way.

But with longer coats comes extra demands when it comes to their grooming: combing and brushing, clipping and cleaning, and if your cat won’t kill you for it: a bath and a blow-dry. (Would you like a pedicure while you’re here, Madame?)

When it comes to our Maine Coons, I have tried a variety of brushes and combs to get through their luxurious locks. From the fancy and fandangle, to the commonplace old-faithful’s. I have spent a veritable fortune on grooming tools and brushes that have promised everything apart from cooking my dinner! But time and time again, I come back to the simple metal combs and my daughter’s old hairbrush: they’re cheap, gentle, and will never fall apart.

Which brushes and combs do you find work best for you? Do you have one that you can’t live without?


Check out Milo getting groomed in the video! Just look at how much he loves it. Check out that tail … it’s something else, don’t you think? Imagine running a brush through that! Simply stunning![mashshare]

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