2 Super Important, Yet Simple Ideas To Help Control Obesity In Cats


Over a million cats in the US or even around the world are considered obese. As a matter of fact, they began to surpass the number of cats with average weight – more cats are over-weight then those considered to be “normal” weight.

The video shows 5 of the most obese cats. I can’t describe how I felt after watching these, I guess a bit numb. It was very sad to see, but important to be aware of at the same time.

Obesity in cats can result in some of their most common illnesses affecting domesticated cats. How do you know if your cat is considered to be obese? Cats that are 20 percent above their “normal” weight are considered to be obese. Being obesity may affect your cats overall health in a number of ways.

Arthritis. One of the most common illnesses that a cat may get from being overweight is Osteoarthritis. This is the reason why overweight cats tend to be lazier than normal weight cats. They’re having a hard time walking so they choose to just lie around, resulting in lack of exercise for your cat, and then putting on more weight. A vicious cycle!


Diabetes. One of the most common reasons why cats get overweight is because they eat too much. Just like humans, cats also have a “Balanced Diet.” Too much of anything can be bad, and in the case of cats, too much of the wrong type of food – the ones that are high in sugar, can result in conditions like diabetes.

Obesity may also lead to early death. Exercise and the right balanced diet is the best way to manage your cat’s weight. Avoid giving them too much fatty foods – instead ensure they have a healthy balanced diet. Ask your vet for advice on a diet that is suitable for your cat and your lifestyle. Some cat breeds are particular to certain diets, so asking your vet will help to find the most breed-appropriate foods to give to your kitty. Being overweight or underweight can be a sign of more complex illnesses, so be sure you keep an eye on any sudden changes in weight and if it does happen, get some professional advice quickly.

So you only have 2 things to focus on … exercise and diet. Go for it, and save your kitty’s waistline![mashshare]

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