See To It That Cat Eyes Are Cared For With These Simple Steps


When you look into a cat’s eye it is supposed to be clear and strong, so therefore, a weak and kind of irritated eye may be a sign of an eye problem. These eye problems may be a cause of a much deeper problem for cats.

An irritated eye can be a sign of a number of problems, and can lead to major consequences like surgery or total blindness. However, you as a pet parent should know the signs and be familiar with the simple treatment and prevention, so that your cat can overcome these eye problems and avoid the occurrence of a much deeper problem.

What Might Be The Cause Of This Irritation?

Eye infections can show itself as discharge from the eye. These infections are caused by viruses and bacteria internally and externally. The cat’s eye may be irritated by sand, dirt, dust or anything small. This may cause itchiness and redness.


A cat’s eye infection could also be caused by its own doing. It is possible that kitty scratches their own eye with their claws to remove dirt, bugs or even hair getting in the eye.

There are also various feline illnesses that can cause eye irritations/infections. Some of these include:

  • Feline Upper Respiratory Infection
  • Corneal Disorder
  • Pink-Eye
  • Epiphora (Watery Eye)
  • Third Eyelid Problem

Finally, another factor that may cause an irritated eye are allergies. Just like us, cats can also suffer watery, sore, red eyes from being allergic to something, perhaps in the air.[mashshare]

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