See To It That Cat Eyes Are Cared For With These Simple Steps


Some Simple Ways To Prevent It.

The best cure is very simple, PREVENTION. Here are some tips you can do to prevent eye infections:

  1. Regularly Groom your Cat. This may be hard to implement because cats hate it when they are groomed by others other than itself but still, try to groom them often. Cut their nails, groom their hair and even clean its teeth, ear and nose. Unpolished cats may be prone to infection and bacteria. Also, give them a bath more often to remove dirt and unforeseen sands that may cause irritation and perhaps allergies.
  2. Give them enough Water. Avoid having your cat being dehydrated. Provide them with enough water and healthy foods so that that can have enough nutrients to build up and maintain their immunity from different types of common viruses.
  3. Be a keen Observer. Observe your cat for unusual behavior that involves its eye. Either scratching its eye or rubbing its face in the sofa. If you observe these common signs, go check your cat’s eye then check with your veterinarian for further advice and possible medical attention.
  4. Keep their environment clean. Bacteria comes from dirty surroundings. Learn to clean your cat’s surrounding to minimize the chance of infections and illness.

Easy right? These simple actions may be a real help in maintaining your cat’s health. Remember, it may be just an eye problem, but still, it may cost your cat’s sight … or even worse.


You will find a number of videos that describe certain eye conditions/infections and so on. However, I have chosen this video from Kitten School which demonstrates how to flush a kitten’s eye to remove dirt, grit, and even puss from the infection that the poor kitty has.[mashshare]

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