Have A Heart And Help Protect Your Kitty From This Fatal Disease


Heartworm is considered to be one of the most fatal diseases for pets. If you think heartworm only affects dogs, then think again. Heartworms are long worms that live in the heart, lungs or some blood vessels that may cause damage to different organs in your pet’s body.

Heartworm can be acquired through infected mosquitoes, so cats that live in an area that is prone to mosquito bites should also have frequent medication and check-ups for heartworm. Actually, cats are a natural resistant host for heartworms.  Heartworms have a hard time surviving in a cat’s body unlike dogs. But small numbers of heartworms can still affect your cat.

The effects of heartworm in cats are very much more tragic than it is for dogs. Some of the symptoms of a cat suffering from heartworms are:

  • Too much vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Asthma-like attack
  • Loss of appetite

If infected with heartworms, cats may lose its ability to walk due to organ damage. They might also suffer from fainting episodes, and even fluid accumulation in the abdomen. As you can imagine, these are not nice experiences for a cat, or for cat parents to witness. Unfortunately, a first attack of these fatal heartworms may cause sudden collapse or even sudden death.


It is really scary knowing that your cat might suffer from this horrible affliction. There is still no cure for heartworms in cats and the only way to stop it is to prevent it from happening. Some ways to help prevent heartworms are:

  • Control mosquitoes
  • Heartworm prevention medication every 6-12 months
  • Healthy Eating

Only about 5% of domestic cats are being protected by prevention medication. Let’s try and boost this number by taking responsibility, as pet owners, and help avoid this kind of fatal. Speak to your vet about heartworm prevention and get your cat treated! Knowing the facts about heartworms is a good place to start. Let your cat live the life they deserve.[mashshare]

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