Is This Kitty Nirvana Or just A Dream ..?


What’s up with cat dynamics, man? I mean, why on Earth can’t they all just get along?! It’s like, I have a wonderful, safe home, money for their food, and love to spare, so why can’t I go along to these shelter adoption days and just bring them all home?? Oh, that’s right: because cats can be cantankerous snot-balls when it comes to loving each other.


I’m not alone in this, I know. I have several friends who would be willing to join me on my descent into Crazy Cat Lady-dom if only our current cats would allow it. But, no-oo. One of my little poopaheads is a pompous so-and-so who thinks that the world owes her something. Okay, maybe she’s not that bad, but she certainly has Charlie Bear under her paw.

Our two floofs are worlds apart: one is super social and calm, one is timid and dislikes visitors muchly! One knows how to “graze” on his food throughout the day, and the other thinks that food is a once-in-a-lifetime situation, and you need to hoover it down before it evaporates into nothingness! One is happy to live and let live, and the other doesn’t realize that we have two hands for TWO cats, or in other words, Miss Emerald, that I can manage to pet you both at the same time!


Sometimes I think that they are simply so in love with their own royal status that they forget that this love can be shared amongst more of their species – spreading the slavery of their human across many to ensure ultimate adoration and sacrifice for the greater good of them all!!

*double sigh*

How I wish I had more cats.

Here are another two who apparently have a healthy dislike for one another, only to be communicating like long-time BFFs while the camera is on. I find their little trills and chirps disgustingly adorable, and my “cat ovaries” are shrieking at me for more! What do you think of these two chatterboxes? Do your cats get along?[mashshare]

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