Is This True Love … Or Mistaken Identity …?


Look at these two little love bugs. Doesn’t it just make you all soft and squishy inside? Doesn’t it make you want to grab the nearest person and give them a big hug? (Okay, maybe not that creepy looking dude over there. I get it; you’re on the subway and you’re feeling the love. But seriously, the Police might find you in a shallow grave! LOL.

Let’s get back to appreciating the cute kitties on your screen instead!)

These squidgy little buddies have it made: soft, cuddly lounge chair, and soft, cuddly soul mates. It’s the most endearing, heart warming, squishy-feeling thing this side of baby pandas! (Oh, come on. If baby pandas don’t make you melt, your heart is stone cold!)

And did I mention hypnotic? Far out! I think I could easily while away the hours watching these two groom. These two almost look too much alike that, to be honest, the “groomer” seems almost confused as to where his body stops and where his friend’s body begins! But never mind, there is grooming to be done.


Have a look. Share it with your friends! You’ll make their afternoon (or morning!) pick-me-up :-)[mashshare]

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