It’s Mine … No! It’s Mine!


I’m not a size four. Far from it. Like, don’t get me wrong: I’m a perfectly healthy weight for my midget height and all, but I love my food. I love chocolate, and cakes, and milkshakes – and don’t even get me started on carbs! *drool!* Yep, I have a healthy relationship with unhealthy calories LOL. And when I was pregnant … dear me! I practically lived at the corner store! LOL

I’m a girl with a sweet tooth – I admit it. I love my food, and it loves me back. Sugar makes me happy. LOL! So, let’s say that you and I were buddies, and we were sharing a block of Hershey’s while we enjoyed a film together.

Heed this warning and heed it now: if you think for one moment that you’ll be getting that last piece of delicious, chocolatey goodness, you are sadly mistaken. And that growling sound you hear? Yep. That’s me. Back off, b***h! LOL!

So I TOTALLY get the cats in this clip: yummies must be guarded at all costs! One must assume that they’re the last yummies on Earth! Who cares if your once-beloved friend starves to death? It’s every feline for themselves!! (Yes, I relate to cats, alright?! Get off my case or I won’t invite you to a film at all! 😛 )


Have a giggle at these cuties as they defend, snatch, and stuff themselves silly into happy little food comas. I love the, “Mine!” “No, mine!” theme that comes up over and over again. It’s our cats’ little way of reminding us that they’re indeed the solitary critters that the text books claim they are 😉 LOL![mashshare]

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