Here’s 8 Different Things Our Cats Are Trying To Tell Us


Meow: Did you know that the meow from an adult cat is almost exclusively used to communicate with humans? The meow nearly always means something, and it is up to us to watch our pets for an indication of what they mean. Short meows can be questioning, or signs of hunger, whereas longer, more drawn-out meows can mean concern, annoyance, or a protest – as my cat does every morning when I refuse to feed him immediately!

Growling: Growling or snarling is usually accompanied by an arched back, fluffy tail, pinned-back ears, and a fluffy body. A growling or snarling cat is an unhappy cat; either afraid, angry, and often defending territory. Don’t touch your cat if it’s presenting with this behavior as you risk serious injury.

Screaming: This one is a bit hard to miss. It can be heard either during mating on the part of the female, or during a territorial dispute. It is a blood-curdling noise, and can be in addition to yowls and other aggressive sounds.


Hiss: A hiss is indicative of a cat’s willingness to fight back if pushed. A frightened or angry cat is a dangerous cat, so if a cat is providing you with a warning, consider yourself lucky and walk away!

Yowl: Though similar in some ways to a meow, the yowl is more of a moan and is a much longer sound. It signifies worry, concern, mating or territorial issues, or discomfort. If your cat is spending a lot of time yowling, examine her closely to check for signs of illness or injury.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cat dictionary or something that will help us understand what your kitty is trying to tell you? Click Here!

Check out this video from iCatVids. It shows 3 cats chattering at a bird. It actually sounds like they are having a conversation amongst themselves![mashshare]

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