Six Tips That Everyone Needs To Know About Keeping Your Kitty Safe This Winter


You wake up to find it snowing outside. Urgh. Another icy commute to work. You get ready, rug up, and say goodbye to your fur-baby as you part ways in the cold. They have a fur coat – I get it. But that doesn’t mean that they’re warm enough! So, here are some tips for a warm welcome when you get home:

  1. If your kitty is a kitten or senior, keep it inside over Winter. When young or frail, animals – and humans, for that matter – aren’t as capable of controlling their body temperatures, so benefit profoundly from a stable environment. Extremes in temperature can see them fall ill, so it’s important to protect them from this wherever possible.
  2. Keep ALL cats indoors at night, no matter their age, and even if they’re normally an outdoor cat. Overnight temperatures can be dangerously low, so it’s important to keep your kitty safe and warm inside. Make sure that they have a warm place to sleep – preferably up off the floor due to drafts and rising cold.
  3. Make sure that your cat is of optimum body condition – this means: make sure that they’re eating plenty of the right foods! Staying warm and maintaining a constant body temperature burns LOTS of energy during the colder months, so it’s important that your cat enjoys quality foods to fuel them with the energy they need throughout the day.
  4. Think about the lakes at the moment: are they frozen? How about the birdbaths? If it’s cold enough for either of these to be freezing over, it’s important for you to be checking your cat’s water bowl frequently to be sure that they always have access to water.[mashshare]

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