See How This Kitten Becomes A Flippin’ Star On Popular TV Show


“Wax on, wax off. Wax on …”

For many of us, those words bring back fond childhood memories of watching The Karate Kid on the 12” box TV in our parents’ homes. Daniel-san and Mr Miagi whiling away their days with some vintage cars, chop sticks, and a whole lot of karate!

Well, I’m about to introduce you to a kitten whose name is not only inspired by the movie, but his killer moves seem to be, too!

Meet Mr Meowgi! (Cute name, right?!) He was brought into the Fox 5 Atlanta studio back in 2014, and he seriously stole the show. The tabby domestic short hair might have only been a few months old at the time, but he has probably become their biggest star yet, stealing the spotlight – and all composure! – from the host, as Mr Meowgi flip-kicked his way into our hearts!


Fox 5 Atlanta originally took up the segment to help boost the awareness of their viewers, supporting the Humane Society, and introducing a new pet in need of a home each day. But as an added bonus, their viewers often got a laugh, and a whole lot of the fuzzies in their hearts. (And tell me it didn’t win them ratings, to boot?!)

After a brief introduction at the beginning of the segment, the handler begins to play with Mr Meowgi using their dangler toy, and like a wind-up toy himself, he’s off! Spinning, flipping, and leaping his way off the table! The host loses it, falling into fits of laughter and struggling to maintain any hint of composure as Mr Meowgi is rescued into the arms of his handler and smothered in relaxing cuddles. At this point, the handler picks up the batten of the segment and runs with it, talking about kitty-cats, their health, behaviour, and life expectancy before the host recovers in time to sign off.

Tell me that little guy didn’t get snapped up quickly from the adoption home?! Share this story with your friends! You’re bound to get some <3[mashshare]

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