Adorable Kitten Versus Bearded Dragon. Who Do You Think Wins?


So surely by now you’ve all seen this video, right? RIGHT?! No?? What the?! Under which rock have you been hiding for the last few years?!

One of the best snippets that’s been doing the rounds on YouTube and Facebook, it can now be found starring in many (MANY!) cat compilations and “best of”s.

This adorable kitten is faced with the ultimate new experience: two (seemingly) unresponsive bearded dragons – and the kitten’s curiosity is piqued.  It stalks its “prey”, blissfully unaware that once past its line of sight, the hunter is itself becomes “the hunted”.

It wants to poke, it wants to prod – it’s little kitten mind is full of meowing questions! But unbeknownst to this tiny kitty, the dragons themselves have questions on their sticky tongues: what’s this fur ball, and is it edible?


Needless to say, when the dragon “creeps up” to investigate, the on-looking family erupts into fits of laughter as their cat panics, jumps, and scrambles in an effort to get away from these “life threatening non-toys”.

Well, as an owner of both cats AND bearded dragons myself, I can totally relate to how ridiculously funny these moments are. And trust me, they’re more common than you think!

Cats are so inquisitive by nature that they often come across as plain ridiculous by default! They want to know what everything is, and they investigate with their feline senses on high. Dragons, on the other hand, while often slow and calculated, you’re in for some fun if something gains their attention. (I’ve personally spent much time watching my dragons try to consume the green and yellow buttons on every remote in the house!) Put the two together and you have a recipe for hilarity!

I’ve watched this video dozens of times with my kids, (a MUST if you’re craving some intense laughter therapy!), and finding their squeals of delight just as addictive as the antics of the pets themselves. After all, that’s why we surround ourselves with pets and animals; to make us smile. [mashshare]

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