See How This Pet-Parent Gets Their Kitty To Sleep.


Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetops

When the wind blows the cradle with rock …

I’ve spent many nights trying to lull my children to sleep with a desperate lullaby. I’ve cuddled them, I’ve rocked them, I’ve sung to them….

As a child, I remember having toy babies, and toy cots, and toy bottles, pretending to be a Mom as I hugged the doll close, cooing and clucking as I said, “Drink up, baby! Drink up!” And the stories that our enduring family dog could tell you! Of the times he suffered my affection, dress-ups, and mothering efforts without complaint. (Though no matter how much I tried, I never quite convinced him to take a bottle. *Damn it!*)


Kids have the most amazing imaginations, don’t you think? They want to mimic the world around them but on a miniature scale, and with more fun! You expect “Pretend Mommy” games from children¾but an adult and their cat?

I won’t ruin the video for you, but I’ll admit to watching on in a mixture of bafflement, a teeny bit of judgment, and a whole lot of “But how?!” LOL. My cats would be outraged if I tried to treat them like human babies! (I can hear their indignant yowls and see the scorn-filled looks now. And can you imagine the claws involved?) Clearly, this owner has had the right pupil at the right time, because this kitty looks anything but disgruntled. It seems to be in kitty heaven!

Perhaps I should be keeping my daughter’s baby doll furniture after all … just in case ….[mashshare]

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