Is This The Secret To A Stress-Free Life?


I know that when I have been having a bad day I can come home and spend some quality time with my cats, who I know will immediately calm me down and make me feel better, why is this? It could be that I just love cats and simply seeing them makes me happy, which is probably true, but what if there is something more going on.

Your cat probably provides you with companionship and is able to cheer you up and calm you down, but did you know that cats have been clinically proven to relieve stress in humans, simply patting their fur can cause your stress levels to decrease and spending just 15 to 30 minutes of time with your cat can calm your nerves, so let’s find out how this is possible.

Being around cats can sooth people and trigger calming chemicals in the brain, it boosts the production of serotonin which enhances feelings of wellbeing and decreases stress and anxiety levels. Your cortisol levels can also go down which is a result of stress and can lead to high cholesterol which is known to cause heart disease and strokes. Cats can also trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone that can help you experience feelings of love and trust.

Due to the bond of companionship that a cat can have with its owner, they can actually reduce feeling of loneliness. A simple cuddle or petting session is able to relax the owner and distract them from their worries. They can help people with mourning and grief, spending time with your pet can help you work out your feelings. Cats have also been used with children with autism and have shown to make them less anxious.


So if you are a cat person and are going through a tough time, just know that your cat is there and that they are probably helping you with your feelings, even if you don’t notice that they are.[mashshare]

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