Kittens Find A New Use For Toilet Paper – But Are They Having Fun?


We all have those family members who make us cringe at the very thought of having to see them. Animals are no different! Just because we love our pets equally, (or, we should, LOL), doesn’t mean that the pets themselves feel the same about each other.

For the sake of their mental health, it’s important that we acknowledge this and make efforts to manage it. No, I don’t mean that poor Fluffy is shipped off to the nearest Animal Shelter.

But you could make spaces available to your other cat to allow it time away from Fluffy. Below are a few examples of some simple changes that you can make to ensure that your pets remain happy, and comfortable.

  • Make sure that there are plenty of beds. Don’t think for one moment that your cats will want to sleep together once, let alone always! On occasion, they might, but don’t assume that you can get away with one bed. If you have four cats, be sure to provide FOUR beds.
  • Have multiple litter trays available. Again, whilst some cats are content to share a toilet, not all will. So to save them, (and yourself!), the stress, make sure that you provide at least one tray for every cat.
  • Ensure that there are enough hiding places. You could provide other rooms, leave particular cupboards open, or simply have a few cardboard boxes up high and away from the rest of the action. This will help nervy, sleepy, older, or generally cantankerous cats get the timeout that it needs.
  • Offer multiple food bowls, and multiple water bowls. One of your cats might be having a bad fur day, so it’s important that they don’t HAVE to share their food and water bowls.
  • Likewise, be sure to supply enough toys for all of your cats, catering for their different ages, abilities, and individual preferences.
  • Consider using plug-in synthetic pheromone diffusers. They’re a happy gas for your pet, and can help to calm even the most stressed of pets.

If you think that this is a lot of work, it’s really not. These simple, and often inexpensive, changes can make all the difference to our pets. And let’s be serious here; think about that painful family member of yours again. It’s bad enough at a get-together, right. Can you imagine having to live with them?! What lengths would you go to?[mashshare]

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