Kittens Having The Time Of Their Lives With Unlikely Toy


Cats have a child-like wonderment for everything that they see around them. They’re fascinated by light, shadows, the kids’ toys – even candy wrappers! It’s something that most of us love, and is often why we choose to share our hearts and homes with them. It’s so endearing… but at times, it can also be downright frustrating! LOL.

Sometimes you just want your bed to stay made up; sometimes you want your rubbish to stay in the bin! I’ll even go so far as to say that sometimes­ – just sometimes! – I like to wear a piece of black clothing that isn’t covered in an extra layer of orange and white fur! (I hope you’re listening, Charlie Bear!)

But we’ve learned to put up and shut up, enduring our cats’ monkey business, and their sense of entitlement in good humor, because like I said, it’s part of why we love them. But one thing that I often hear new parents of HUMAN children complaining about is cat hair. “It’s everywhere! It’s on the floor, it’s in her cot – it’s even on her pacifier!” I’m a Mom. I get it. When you have your precious little human bub around, we often strive for it to be as clean as possible. It’s just human nature to want “the best” for our little ones. Most of the time we can get by with keeping the child’s door closed and a regular vac. But what about the toys in the living room?

Well, these cats have discovered a new craze! Did you know that your infant’s play mat and jungle gym makes for the perfect cat play pad? No? Well, you do now! Watch as these three kitties have the time of their life on a toy that was never intended for them. (“But we’re cats. Aren’t all things made for us?!”)


At least I know not to throw out all our old baby stuff now. LOL![mashshare]

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