Every Kitty Was Kung Fu Fighting … Or Is It Pud Fu Playing?


What would the world be without cats? I mean, they’re there for cuddles, for play, for love, and, of course, what would my carpet be without the random tufts of fur that adorn its pile? Well, I’d be out of a hoovering job! But not only that, but they’re smart! They think things out quickly, they’ll find a way around ANY obstacle (assuming that they WANT to get past it), and they’ll find a way into the bedroom when you thought there wasn’t one!

But for all of their intelligence, gee they can do some silly things! This brings me to “Pud-Fu”.

We all have silly names that we give to the silly things that our pets do. “Singing the Song Of Their People” is what my closest buddy calls a cat’s howling during the night; “The Winky Wonder” is what I used to call my Bengal, (Inca, or Winky), when she rolled around on the ground swaying her head like Stevie Wonder. Well, I’m here to expand your vo-cat-ulary: move over Jackie Chan, because “Pud-Fu” is coming at you!

[Poo d Fu] (Pronounced like “put”, only with a D at the end 😉 )
Noun. The act of slow, Thai Chi-type moves, performed by a cat.


I found this video that you might enjoy! Watch as these two tabbies face off, tails swishing as they watch for an opening¾an opportunity to take the other down. Do they care that there’s an audience? No. Do they care that the dog barks? Hell, no! They’re focused; they’re in their zen.

This form of play has been known by many names over the centuries of feline/human interaction: slow motion play, Kung Fu cats, and cat fighting. But “Pud-Fu” had instant appeal when it first fell out of our mouths, and it earned its place in our hearts furever![mashshare]

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