Kitty Revenge Is Sweet. So, What Does Brad Pitt Have To Do With It?


Urgh! 3.32am this morning. 3.32!

There is nothing worse than being in the deepest of sleep, (and the most blissful of dream – Brad Pitt about to profess his undying love!), when you’re rudely and unapologetically wrenched from your dreams by … by … OMG, it’s the damn cat!

Many-a-times I have been forced to return to my – sadly, ordinary! – life by my cat; his face mere inches from my own and greeting me with eyes as round as saucers. Goodness only knows what he wants at stupid o’clock, but there’s no way that I’m dragging myself from my warm bed to find out. Instead I swat at him with a sleep-heavy arm, roll over and bury my face into my pillow in a futile attempt to recapture those magic moments with the super star I ran out on only moments ago. (Brad, come back!)

I have often been sitting on the couch or on my bed writing, my cats asleep by my side, when I have to move and suddenly they awake, throwing an accusatory glare over their shoulders. I’ll admit to a mild, sadistic pleasure when this occurs, and I’ll often be caught with a sarcastic, “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I wake you?”, forming on unremorseful lips. (And then I think I giggle. *Thinks about it* Yep, I’m pretty sure I giggle. LOL)


But who wouldn’t? Let’s be honest here; these furry, ungrateful, inconsiderate little fur-balls care not that we have work in the morning. Oh, no. They believe that they have solved the world’s problems, and they’ll be damned if they don’t fill you in with the news. After all, what are we complaining about? Don’t we also get to sleep for around 16 hours a day? (I can hear your collective, dreamy sighs from here!)

So when I saw this video, it was instant satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t know that I could quite bring myself to shriek in my cat’s face an scare him half to death, (although that’s exactly what the little so-and-so does to me!), but I can certainly empathize with the guy’s want for retribution, and the childish glee in his eyes when his cat is startled from its sleep. LOL [mashshare]

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3 years ago

Maybe you’re a dog person?