The Largest Cat That Is Not A Big Cat


When I got my very first kitten, it was the cutest, tiniest thing ever at only 6 weeks of age. I would never have thought that it was going to grow up into the monster cat that he has. When I say “monster” I mean monster in size – not in character. Now he can certainly be a rascal, but he is still lovable.

It started me thinking about how big can cats get. So I did some research and found out about these two whoppers!

These are the two largest cats in the world that is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. The first one is Stewie, the largest cat EVER and Ludo, the largest cat LIVING. Let’s talk about Stewie first.

Who Is Stewie?


Mymains Stewart Gilligan, also known as Stewie is recorded as the World’s Largest Domestic Cat Ever! With a length of 48.5 inches long (123 cm), Stewie really does maintain his record for the past years even up until now.

Stewie is a gray tabby Maine Coon. Maine Coon is considered as the largest breed of cat next to Savannah. Maine Coon is a breed without any touch of wild cat breed unlike the Savannah breed who is a crossbred between a domestic cat, probably Siamese cat and Serval, an African Wild Cat. Maine Coon is a friendly and lovable cat, less demanding, very long and very tall.

Stewie passed away in 2013 at the age of 8 years old.

Ludo, The World’s Largest Living Cat

The largest cat living as of now, lives in the United Kingdom and is owned by Kelsey Gill. He was measured in October, 2015 and was 46.6 inches long (118.33 cm). Ludo is also a Maine Coon and was about the size of Kelsey Gill’s son, Cameron who has the height of 3”8 (44 inches).

Ludo is concluded to beat Stewie’s record.

It is pretty clear that when it comes to domesticated cats, the Maine Coon really does hit the chart in terms of size! With two records of being the largest cat, it is almost without doubt that they should be consider as the biggest cats around.

Little Kittens may grow larger and older, but for us of course, our little angels will always be our baby kittens, no matter how massive their size is. Check out Ludo with his owner in the video from Guinness World Records.[mashshare]

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