Learn To Talk “Cat”. Here Are A Few Simple Tips That Many Cat Parents Don’t Know About.


Something that most cat owners don’t know is that our cats do some simple things to get our attention and our love. They communicate through body language, in particular through their ears, eyes, body and especially their tail. So, it would be good to check out some of the things to look out for, to know how our cat might be feeling.

Cats love it when you stroke them – along the entire length of their body. Further, they love being fed and, at times, when you cuddle them. In return, they show their love and affection using a method that only a few cat lovers recognize and understand using their tail position. If a cat walk towards you with its tail straight up and slightly bent or hooked at the top, this is a sign that they are happy to see you, and they are feeling very comfortable around you.

If your cat is swaying its tail around, this usually means that they are feeling annoyed – maybe you interrupted their sleep for a “silly cuddle”. The more aggressive the swaying, the more annoyed, so beware, avoid touching or trying to pet them to avoid a swift scratch or even a bite. Be responsible enough to let your cat calm down before trying to do anything with them.

If your cat’s body and tail suddenly becomes puffed-up, this means that it is feeling threatened and is most likely going to act defensive towards you. Be careful with this sign as it might result in a painful scratch or bite. Better still, try and find the source of their anxiety, remove it and ally cranky kitty to calm down.


Cats show off their confidence with their tails. A happy, confident kitty will have their tail almost straight upright – a bit like a flagpole – kinda saying “Hey look at me!”

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Get to know your cat’s feelings, so that you can help serve their needs. Check out this informative video from eHow. Dr Jenna Olsen explains some common body language signs to look out for.[mashshare]

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2 years ago

I have a cat with a lot of wild cat in her and when she is really angry her tail expands to about 4 times it’s normal diameter!