It Seems Something Has Got These Kittens’ Attention. They Can’t Take Their Eyes Off Of It!


It seems that if you are looking for the definition of cute, then it is difficult to go past the world of cats and kittens. This compilation video that you are about to watch is no exception!

In it, we see different groups of kittens, where some kitties are completely focused (I wish my teenage son was this focused when he does his homework :-)), working as a team, completely absorbed in what their “tormentor” is doing. In other cases, you see some kittens who simply couldn’t give a damn what’s going on. There are even some kittens moving in unison with an awesome, military-like precision, yet the ultimate in cuteness at the same time.

It is loads of fun and completely full of cuteness. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did. The video is from Happy Dose Video. Please let us know what you think of it – share below. [mashshare]

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3 years ago

Oh my, that was delightful! ❤ Kittens in synchrony have stolen my heart!