Elevensies … Hah, The What? This Really Explains Those Moments Of Feline Craziness


Cats are mental. Am I right? But oh, my; that’s why we love them! A girlfriend and I caught up the other day and, of course, the topic of our cats came up as we showed off pics and videos of our babies.

“Have you heard the term “Elevensies”?” she asked.


“Elevensies. You know; when the cats go mental at night?”


“Oh!” I’d never heard it called “Elevensises” before, but decided the name was a keeper.

And that got me thinking; you guys are likely experiencing the same hysterical behavior in your homes! So I thought I’d share some basic info on why cats get “Elevensies”, and a short story about the first time my husband and I really appreciated the feline insanity that temporarily overcame our cats each night.

About 10 years ago my husband and I were laying in bed listening to our three fur balls thundering up and down the hallway for the umpteenth night in a row.

“I’m gonna kill them!” I huffed in a wave of blankets.

I threw open the door. But what met my eyes didn’t fan the murderous rage within. Instead, I was met with a most comical site: our Bengal clung to a door frame while perched on her hind legs, ears pinched back, pupils as big as saucers as she swung her head around to look at me. A brief moment of, “Mum, I’m mad¾but I like it!” was communicated through a trill before she took off back down the hallway to launch onto the couch where our other cats waited, frozen and poised to scatter.  Three words were uttered, “What the ……”

Well, do I really need to repeat that here?

“What are they doing?” my hubby called.

My answer? I chuckled. “I have no idea.”

So, why do our cats go crazy at different times of the day? Is it a “witching hour”? Are they having a melt down? Has life simply become too hard for them and they just want to let lose? Goodness knows that I like to do that on a Friday night!

Well, while cats spend a lot of time sleeping and lazing about the house in the most inappropriate places, (is cat hair all over your basket of freshly washed clothing ringing any bells?), when they wake, they have energy to burn!

It all goes back to their genetic roots; an instinct to hunt in order to survive. The need for energy bursts to give them the advantage required to outrun their prey.

So how does this present in a domestic environment? Usually, in a late night case of: “Elevensises”.

Check out the video. The Grey Tabby at around 30 seconds gives the perfect example … lol.[mashshare]

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