His Kitty Won’t Let Him Leave The House Without Doing This First


Did you ever think that cats cannot be as affectionate to their owners as dogs can be? Well … think again!

Ville is a cat owned by Fredrik Johansson from Sandviken in Sweden.  The relationship between Ville and Fredrik is so strong, that Ville can’t just let Fredrik leave the house without doing this first. Apparently, this is a daily ritual for the pair.

Fredrik himself has compared Ville to a dog saying that Ville quite often will “fetch” some objects.

Anyway, check out the video he posted and see the special bond for yourself. Let us know if your cat is just as affectionate, or could it take a leaf out of Ville’s book.


Personally, if I did that to my cat, he would probably bite off my nose :-).

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If I didn’t already HAVE a cat that affectionate I’d have said they need to go to booping anonymous! LOL