This Is One Of The Most Popular Topics For A Cat Video On The Net. Wait Until You See What It Is.


This compilation video says it all. In it we see numerous scenes of cats being freaked out by cucumbers. These types of videos have had a mixture of reactions – both positive and negative.

We all love seeing cute little pets doing crazy things and this one surely is a hit on the net. But before passing judgement on the pet owners who filmed these videos, it might be helpful to know why does a cucumber make cats react this way?

Most experts believe it is about the unexpected nature, or surprise of seeing something that wasn’t there before that really makes them jump or run. It is their natural instinct. You will see that in most cases in the videos, the cat is focused on eating or drinking and a cucumber is then placed nearby unknowingly to the cat. They suddenly realize it’s there and because this is something foreign that wasn’t there before, it startles them – it’s a flight reaction. It is believed that the shape reminds them of one of their worst predators, a snake.

Now, not all cats react this way to this situation. Some pet parents say their cats just stared at the cucumber and then walked on like nothing happened. In other cases, the cats really freaked out. It’s a bit like a person being home alone, and then suddenly discovering that someone else is also there. We all have primordial fear. If we do, a cat also has it.


We are not condoning this behavior of scaring your cat, we are simply raising the awareness of it happening. Not only is it happening but it is very prevalent. Some see it as being funny, but you ask yourself this, is it funny to scare the wits out of someone or something?

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