Mother Cat Having Difficulty Giving Birth. What She Does Next Will Amaze You.


Earlier this month. A very heavily pregnant cat, who was having difficulty giving birth, amazingly finds her way to a human health clinic. Outside the clinic she meows and meows until someone inside hears her and comes out to investigate.

They gently take the poor mother cat to a local veterinary hospital where she undergoes a caesarean (C-Section) operation to extract the baby kittens. Mommy cat gave birth to 4 kittens who all survived the ordeal.

Last reported all five were doing very well. They were waiting to be adopted.

Cats have an amazing instinct. They can sense danger and they can also sense good! I think it is absolutely amazing that this cat somehow knew that the human health clinic was the place to go. Possibly, she sensed other human mothers-to-be going there for regular check-ups or even other sick people going there and therefore knew it was the place she needed to go because she was in trouble.


Life sometimes delivers wonderful moments like this. We should cherish them all. We hope you enjoy this video from In The Now.[mashshare]

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