My Kitty, My Valentine


Christmas is over and the New Year is well and truly underway. And while some of us are preparing for our children’s return to school, the shops have moved on to their next big money spinner: Valentines Day.

For those of you in the romantic spirit, are you stuck for ideas for your special someone? Well, if your significant other is into fur-babies as much as you, I’ve got you both covered! 🙂

Personalized food bowls: Everyone’s kitty is special, and your partner’s is no different. So hunt them down a bowl in their favorite colors, and better yet, with their kitty-cat’s name. Shop around! Many stores give you full creative control of the designs: background images or patterns, font style, colors and so on.

A special or diamante collar: We all know that your cat is the royal member of your household, so why not dress them as such? Diamante or special collars are bound to get a “Nawww!” from your Valentine!


A new bed: No, not for your partner, silly! For their cat! Something fittingly special, of course. Your partner will love how much you spoil their fur-baby. (Or should I say, how you spoil them!)

Another cat! What says “I love you long tiiiimmmmeee!” better than another pet?! (Well, aside from those cat calls overseas LOL). Pets are such a beautiful commitment between a couple – they’re essentially your fur-children. They make the most special gift – but be sure to explore out your partner’s fur-ball preferences before you drop the cash 😉

Cat inspired jewelry: Come on, it’s everywhere. And if you haven’t seen any, you’ve been living under a rock. There’s something for each gender, and every taste: watches, glasses, earrings, necklaces, rings, body jewelry – it goes on. And if you really want to lay it on thick, why not have the piece engraved, or a custom piece made!

Photo frames: What better than having some beautiful photos printed of the three of you , (or four, or five …), in a special frame? You can have these inscribed, or simply write something beautiful on the back. If your fur-kids are your partner’s everything, they’ll love having a beautiful family portrait at home.

While you’re at the photo store, why not buy them a key ring, customized phone case, or a mug? A perfect accompaniment to any gift, and they can take them with them everywhere!

Not into material gifts? Why not make a donation to a local cat shelter in BOTH your names? Not only will it fill you both with a wonderful sense of charity, but the shelter will deeply appreciate your generosity, putting your money to good use in saving more of your beloved cats.[mashshare]

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