The Oldest Cat In History – Secrets For Long Life


There is often one great wish that a cat lover has, and that is for their feline friend to live a long and healthy life. Some are lucky enough to do so and some just live a normal cat’s lifespan of 12 – 18 years. But, there is this one cat that has proven to everyone that cat’s nine lives may not be a superstition, but true.

Meet Crème Puff, a cat who lived for 38 years and 2 days. Crème Puff was born on August 3, 1967. She was owned by Jake Perry, who lived in Austin, Texas. Surprisingly, Jake also had a cat who lived from 1964 up to 1998. His name was Granpa who was recognized and awarded as 1999 Cat of the Year. Granpa died at the age of 34 years and 2 months. Amazing right? But still, Granpa had not won the prize. Jake’s other pet, named Crème Puff, who lived for 38 years and 2 days. Crème puff died on August 6, 2005.

Many were curious as to how Jake took care of his cats because they lived longer than expected. Was it due to proper diet, exercise or just by good care and love given by the owner? Whatever it was, we are sure that this cats had lived their lives to the fullest and Jake really did a great job taking good care of his pets.

Now, after 11 years, here comes another contender. Someone who tries to beat Crème Puff’s record. The oldest cat living, Nutmeg, a grumpy tabby who is now 31 years of age. Nutmeg who is now the equivalent of 141 years old in human age accompanies both of her pet parents with everything they do. The owner of this cat revealed their secret for a cat’s long life, and it is very simple. Just take good care of it and give them regular treats. Nutmeg lives in the United Kingdom with his family.


A lot of study confirms that even if a cats average lifespan is 15, the owner is still the one who can prolong it and make it reach up to 40 years old. Feeding your cat proper healthy foods, giving it enough exercise and giving it treats can really do help in promoting a good and long life.

Check out the video from Rising Trends. They talk about Crème Puff but also 2 other cat contenders for oldest living cat – Missan, in Sweden at 30 years old and Tiffany II from San Diego California at 27 years old.[mashshare]

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