Quick And Cute How To … Origami Cat


I found this entertaining little number when poking around online the other day and thought that I would share.

Origami is said to have been invented in either China or Japan hundreds of years ago, but it doesn’t appear that historians can agree on which. It is argued that the art of paper folding must have closely followed the creation of paper, and this would place Origami’s roots in China. But others dispute that it was first recorded in Japan where the Japanese began creating art with the paper that had been brought to Japan by Buddhist monks for religious use.

Either way, we can all agree on one thing: the creations are both beautiful, and skillfully produced.

When I was a child, we read “One Thousand Paper Cranes” at school, and after this I became fascinated with origami. I spent my weekends at the table folding and refolding as I tried to master the art. There was something both beautiful and relaxing about the process, but I failed to become any good at it. Perhaps it’s because I found that my pen needed the paper more.


Nowadays, my young daughter tackles basic origami patterns after coming across the art at school, folding cubes, and springs, and even those talking face things! (I’ve just learned that it’s called a “Fortune Teller”. Perhaps someone should tell my daughter that her fortune includes having her rights to paper revoked if she keeps going through reams of it like that! Oh, hold on. But that’s what brings me back to my point …) And each time she discards of her “reject pile”, (by flicking them onto the floor), our cats are quick to sweep them up and bat their new “toys” around the house.

But then I saw this video and thought, ‘I’ve never seen an origami cat before!’ Quite a good watch LOL

In fact, “Origami” would make a cute cat’s name, don’t you think?  Perhaps I need a third cat after all ;)[mashshare]


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