Here Are Some Tips To Help Your Cat Deliver The Mother Load.


Cats are natural reproduction agents! After giving birth to one batch of kittens, mere months later, here they go again. Kittens Everywhere! If left unchecked, a cat can have over 100 kittens. You read it right, they can produce even more quickly than can think and keep track of.

It’s no wonder why there almost 500 million domesticated cats around the world. (Talk About Reproductive Capacity!) Meanwhile, some pet parents sense this as a problem because too many cats in the house increases the responsibility of having to look after them. But then again, for people who love cats, this might be really joyful news.

Outdoor cats are more likely to have a lot more kittens because these cats are more likely to meet other cats than the truly indoor variety, who prefer the comforts of home. In addition to this, responsible pet owners may have their cats neutered or spayed.

The length of a cat’s pregnancy is usually 64 days. During the first 3 weeks, other than the size of your cat’s belly increasing, you might notice different are changes taking place on your cat’s body like appearance of or swelling of their teats and color changes. As a pet parent, you must be responsible enough to know what to do when your cat is pregnant. First of all, bring her to the nearest veterinarian for a check-up to ensure that your cat is not facing some infection or other trouble during her pregnancy. Secondly, make sure your cat is fed healthy food. Once again, consult your veterinarian for advice on the best supplements. Remember, your cat is pregnant so you must take on the responsibility to take care of the mother.


Seeing your lovable pet bring some cute kittens into this world can be a priceless experience. Be sure to take care of your cat, during this process. Keep them comfortable, with lots of available water. Check for complications and other challenges that might be present for your cat and her babies during the early days. Take some time to read more about taking care of baby kittens so as to increase their chance of survival.

Check out this short but informative video about taking care of your pregnant cat.[mashshare]

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