Take One Furry Feline, Add A Pinch Of Primate … And What Do You Get?


Cats are inquisitive creatures. They want to know the ins and outs of everything. “This beez mine?” They poke, and prod, and whack with those cute, furry, squidgy, little paws…. Eeeee! Oh, dear me, I just want to squeeze the cuddles out of their gorgeous little faces!

And their sense of entitlement; it’s both endearing, and maddening!

Well, for the first time in human history, we may finally have a way to get the upper hand! Check out this YouTube compilation where you can watch, (in satisfaction!), as our lovable felines seem to be getting a dose of their very own exasperating medicine! Clip after clip, you’ll have your fancies ticked as you watch monkeys treating cats like the lolly wrappers that they themselves so love LOL!

No, I promise: I’m not pulling your leg! This clip has had over – wait for it – nine million views! Yes, nine million! So give yourself a few minutes off and enjoy some LOLz and “Nawww”z.


About half of these cats appear to be in absolute bliss as they are pampered and groomed off to Happy Kitty Palace, and the other half seem to be regretting their decisions to have been born in the first place. LOL! (I can identify with the kitten considering self-detonation at around the two-minute mark. This is me in the mornings when my kids are jumping all over me!)

Watch on and tell us what you think! In particularly monkey and kitten at 5mins 15secs as they chase each other around and tumble about. They’re having so much fun together – it’s that perfect child-like friendship, and no doubt they’ll be play mates for life. Take a look for yourself. Your “Squeeee!”s are guaranteed! LOL![mashshare]

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