3 Quick And Easy Treatments To Help Control Ticks And Fleas On Your Cat, That You Can Do At Home


Ticks and Fleas can be one of your cat’s worst enemy. They may affect both the outer and inner health of your cats. As a cat parent, you must be the one responsible for removing these annoying parasites from your cat’s bodies.

Check out the video from Pet Smart, with its associate Keith and Dylan the cat. It will show you the most common and effective ways in removing ticks and fleas from your cat to help maintain their health. These are summarized below.

Sprays, shampoos and powder for immediate relief. This might be the most common action that a pet owner will do to control the situation. This method can give your cat immediate relief from the biting insects and scratching. When using a shampoo, be sure to start with the cat’s head and neck. This is so the ticks and fleas can’t hide in your cat’s ears, eyes or nostrils. For much better result, after applying it all over your cats body (being careful to avoid the eyes, of course), leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Regular Maintenance. Cats monthly maintenance for fleas and tick is a must. You can include spot on treatments, topical lotions and flea collars. Cats who are regularly go outdoors or have contact with other animals, has a higher chance of having ticks and fleas. Ticks and fleas are commonly prevalent in the environment outside your home, especially if you live in a tick prone area, like near a forest or other woodlands area.


Treat your cat, and YOUR HOME. If ever your cat has managed to pick up ticks or fleas, it is possible that these insects could infest carpets, rugs and even furniture around the home. To prevent them breading and re-infesting your cat, you may need to treat your home as well. Use special carpet powders and sprays that can be used to rid your home of these nasty critters and prevent them from returning. Ask your vet or a trusted pet store for an effective product for this situation.

Remember, that with all medications, sprays, powders and any other treatment you use, it is vitally important to follow the instructions carefully. If in doubt seek the advice of a good pet retailer or ask you vet for their advice.[mashshare]

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