What Are 6 Great Tips To Raising A Healthy Cat That Are So Easy To Do?


Millions of cats are loved by cat parents all around the world. Cats provide their owners with endless entertainment value and joy in many ways. So, in return, we should give them the care they deserve.

Here are some ways to raise a healthy cat and to make them feel a lot better. Watch the video, and check out the signs to look for in a healthy cat.

Brush, Brush, Brush my coat. Cats love having their coats brushed, I mean they really love it. It makes them feel relaxed. Also, when you’re brushing your cat’s fur, you are helping them to control the development of hairballs. Hairballs can be very dangerous because it might develop in their digestive tract and might cause your cat a problem. By brushing your cat’s hair, you can remove lots of loose hair off of your cat’s coat, before they have a chance to groom themselves and potentially swallow it.

Give me a snack, please. Check out the array of healthy snacks you can give to your cat. These give them variety away from the humdrum of the same daily pet food. Try treats like; eggs, banana and cheese, so long as it is in moderation. Remember, don’t give them too much, it’s meant to be a treat.


Grooming. It is important that you groom your cat at least every 3-5 months. Trimming their nails and hair, giving them a relaxing massage and brushing their teeth once in a while is a successful way of raising a healthy cat. If you are knowledgeable in grooming your cat, you can do it by yourself but if not, better call an expert, a vet or a pet parlor to do it for you.

Water is Good, All the time. Always watch out for your cat’s water intake. Water is so essential for everyone. Some cats won’t like it if you put their water bowl beside their food. You might see them drinking only enough water for a day, so to give them the proper amount of water every day, cat owners are suggested to use more wet food for cats. Dry foods only contain 5-10% water and it is not enough for cats. Nursing cats and senior cats tend to need more water because they can be easily dehydrated. If your cat has sunken eyes and you see them panting too much, they are probably in the need of water.

Give Me Love. Cats are attention seekers. Giving them a cuddle and stroking them, especially around the head, ears and under the chin. Giving them some attention like this helps to reduce their stress level and reminds them of how much you love them.

Doctor Time. Regular vet check-ups will help you keep on top of your cat’s health. A vet’s training helps them to identify issues that you may not be aware of. Also, if you notice changes in your cat’s behavior,  better check with your vet for advice. It may be nothing, but if there is something wrong, it’s always better to address this early.

Raising a healthy cat does require a bit of effort. But, it will be worth it seeing your cat in that healthy and happy state. Investing more time in taking good care of your kitty, will help to satisfy their physical and emotional needs then see them thrive.[mashshare]

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