Is This A Reflection Of His True Self?


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?”

I watch the young’ns of today in mild interest (with a hint of sadist pleasure), as they obsess incessantly over their appearance. Touching up make-up, “jushing” their hair (yep, it’s a real word! Look it up!), and pouting like a duck’s butt at every camera they see. “Oh, hold up! Is that a reflective surface?? YOLO!” But, besides smirking at their vanity, I can’t help but compare them to my fur-spewing, litter tray-scratching cats.

Too far??

Think about it: cats spend HOURS obsessing over their appearance. “Is my fur right? Are my ears neat? Is my tail hair falling the way it should? What about my whiskers? Are my whiskers okay?” And I can’t help but wonder, who is it for? Are they trying to impress us? Or do they know something about an impending visitor that I don’t??


Our cats’ gripping preoccupation with grooming has always had me stumped – after all; it seems to be the one thing in life that my Charlie actually gives a mouse about! So why do they do it? Is there a Justin Bieber of the cat world that they’re hoping to impress? Have they mastered the art of the “selfie pic” and they’re out to pucker the world into submission? Whatever it is, it has them pinned.

However, there is one notable difference between our fur-babies and the vanity-whipped youth of today: cats don’t like their own reflection. Show them a mirror and they’ll flip their kitty lids. You can almost hear their minds howling, “Who are you? I said, ‘Announce yourself, you ragamuffin!’” (Okay, so maybe that’s not what my cat says. But it sounds cute, right?) This is usually followed by raised hackles, an electrocuted-looking tail, a yowl or two, and a dash from the room.

Don’t believe me? Check out this little devil who’s been spooked by the kitty in the mirror.[mashshare]

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