Feline Depression Exists! Signs To Watch For


Have you noticed some behavioral changes happening to your cat? Have you checked with the veterinarian but found no medical issue? Your cat may be suffering from feline depression.

This may be hard to tell, but cats may also suffer depression due to a number of factors, from a minimal change of environment, up to loss of a loved one. However, as a pet parent, you should be aware of the changes and can easily spot the symptoms.


 1. Change of Habitat


A change in the environment and habitat in a cats life may trigger its depression. Adjustment period may be a hard time for the cat. Come to think of it, all those memories, running and sneaking that your cat does in that old house may be sadly missed in the new home. It will be very difficult for them to cope with these changes.

As a coping mechanism, try talking to your cat about the reason for the move. Some may not know it but it is believed that your cat can understand every word you say, so talking may be a better way to explain the changes to them (I suppose it wouldn’t hurt, right?).

2. Change in Diet

Many pet-parents choose to force a cat to change its eating habit due to some factors like medical problem, unaffordable cost and for diet. Deprivation of their favorite food or the so-called JACKPOT treat may make a cat blue and depressed. If you have to change the diet of your feline friend, be sure to do it gradually and still give them some of their old favorites once in a while. Doing it this way will hopefully avoid complications like depression.

3. Threatened

Another one of the most common causes of depression for cats is Jealousy and the feeling of being threatened. If you have introduced a new pet in the house and give more attention to that new pet (which is normal), your cat may feel abandonment and envy. Some pet owners reported that new pets caused more serious behavior in the old pet. Aim to manage this by providing a balance of attention to both the new and old pet. Avoid favoritism.[mashshare]

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