Feline Depression Exists! Signs To Watch For


Behaviors to look out for that may suggest that your cat is depressed.

Look for changes in the sleeping habit of your cat. A cat is a sleeping master but sleeping often and not usual may be a sign of depression. If your cat sleeps during the time that they are usually awake, be alert and try to prevent depression as soon as possible. Sleeping is considered as the coping mechanism for cats.

  1. Consider taking notes about their eating habits too. If they’re eating less than usual or more than usual, it may be a sign. Try to examine how they react to its favorite food, if they start rejecting it, it might be time to consult the veterinarian, as it may be caused by depression or by some other internal illnesses.
  2. Are they hiding more than usual? Examine if your cat is aloof. If they seem to be avoiding you more than usual then, see if there is anything in particular that could be triggering that behavior.

A cat suffering from depression may be hard to determine and know for sure. If it is present then it could lead to other illnesses. Conquer your cats’ depression by providing them more attention and reassurance than usual. Also, try talking to them. You might think it a bit silly but it wouldn’t hurt and who is to know, right? It may very well be an effective way of giving your cat a boost.


Check out our other articles on dealing with cat stress, like our article about cats in thunderstorms: https://wercats.com/when-your-cat-is-scared-of-thunder/. These will also help to deal with cat depression. Check out this video from eHowPets which highlights things to look for.[mashshare]

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