3 Simple Solutions To Avoid A Hairy Disaster That Many Pet Parents Don’t Know About


Hairballs are the result of a cat’s most common behavior which is licking themselves. In order to groom themselves, they love licking their coats and as a result they frequently swallow hair, which accumulate causing hairballs.

Veterinarians call hairballs, trichobezoars, tricho meaning “pertaining to hair” and bezoar meaning “a mass trapped in the gastrointestinal system”.

Cats either vomit it or pass it in their stool. A healthy cat often just passes it in their stool while others chew on grass so that they can vomit it. See the video below to know more about how hairballs in cats are formed.

Hairballs can be dangerous for your cat. If you see them hacking or gagging without removing or bringing up hairballs, it may be a sign of internal blockage. Some of the other symptoms include a lack of appetite and diarrhea.


Hairballs can’t be prevented but can be lessened. Here are some of the most helpful ways to lessen hairballs for your little feline.

  1. Indulge them in some more activities.

If a cat is bored, they normally either sleep or groom itself. Give your cat something that they enjoy doing, like toys and fun time. In this way, they can lessen their need to groom itself.

  1. Give them some products that lessen hair fall

There are some cat products you can use that prevents hair fall for cats. It can either be a food, a conditioner, soaps or a powder. Be sure to ask your pet vet first before using any product on cats so that you understand any side effect on or other issues for your cat.

  1. Exercise frequent grooming

You do the grooming of your cat. The more fur you remove, the less fur they are likely to swallow. Brush your cat’s fur frequently to remove excess hair. This can also be a great way to spend time and bond with your cat. If you can’t groom your cat by yourself, take them to a pet groomer for a better result. For cats with longer hair, groom it every six months.

You can’t prevent your cat from cleaning itself but you can lessen the chance of them getting too many hairballs. Keep the cat’s environment clean as well as the cat itself to prevent dangerous dust, chemicals and other toxins finding their way into your kitty’s digestive system.[mashshare]


Feature photo source: http://www.justpetcats.com


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