Amazingly Simple Tips For A Joyous Kitty Holiday.


Whenever you go on holidays, there is always that age-old question … what do we do with the cat? Well you could leave them at home, and have someone cat-sit, dropping in on a regular basis to feed them. Another option is to leave them at a cattery – sort of a hotel for cats. Both of these options will cost you money, unless of course, you find someone to cat-sit for free.

The other option is to take them with you!

This does depend, of course, on where you stay when you are away. There are some hotels, trailer parks and other accommodation places that allow pets (check with the proprietors first) or if you are staying with family or friends, they might allow you to bring your kitty along.

For the holidays, we are staying with family on a large property in their farm house. We decided to take our cat, Boots, along for the ride.


When we arrived at the farm and were shown to our rooms, we immediately found a place to put Boot’s food and water bowls as well as his bed (which we brought with us from home), and also set up his litter tray. We made sure he knew where these were – we literally took him and placed him in the tray. We used the same litter crystals that he uses at home.  It is important to keep the new environment as familiar as possible.

Before too long, after the initial … “what is this place”, “where am I” he started to settle down. He even found these big … ah… rats … to play with (the farm has two dogs).

Boots, is enjoying the holiday as well, thanks to a little bit of planning. Remember that maintaining as much familiarity as possible is the key.

Even if you try everything to make your cat feel as comfortable as possible during the holiday, they still may feel stressed out being in unfamiliar surroundings. Check out this video from with a great suggestion to help relieve stress.[mashshare]

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