An Itty-Bitty Kitty That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand


How small is the smallest cat you had? I remember the first time I saw my kitty, she’s so cute, at least a size of a liquid soap container. Oh, how I wish that my kitten stayed that size. But, of course, my little kitty turned into a monster! We recently published an article on the largest cat in history. This time I thought I’d do some research into the smallest cat.

Meet Tinker Toy, a Blue Point Himalayan-Persian cat. Tinker toy was measured 7.25 inches (19 Centimeters) long. He was measured by the Guinness Book of World Record when he was more than 2 years old. Tinker toy lives with his owners, Katrina and Scott Forbes at Taylorville, Illinois. Tinker Toy is a playful, cute and loyal pet.

Tinker Toy was born on December 25, 1990. No wonder why he looks like a cute little angel. Being born on Christmas Day, he seems to be a gift from little angels. Sadly, in November 1997 this little angel died. Up until now, Tinker Toy is still the smallest cat … ever. No other cat has broken the record; a lot keep on trying but still, Tinker Toy is considered to be the smallest cat ever.

Can you imagine it? Having a cat that is almost just the size of your palm? How cute is that? But of course, having this kind of cat is usually prone to accident. If you ever own a small cat, you need to be careful at every step you take because you them to get under your feet. Extra precaution is a must when owning a cat like this.


There are a number of breeds of cat that are very small. Take a look at this video  from Elite Facts which showcases a number of very small cat breeds.[mashshare]

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