Soggy And Amazing At The Same Time


It may be widely thought that cats do not like water, I am sure if you try and put your cat anywhere near water they will not be happy, I know that mine certainly wouldn’t be. But did you know that that is not entirely true. There are several cat breeds that actually like the water.

And here are some of them.

Some cat like the water purely because of their breeding. Several of the cat breeds that have been bred with wildcats tend to like the water. This is true of both the Bengal and the Savannah cat. The Bengal’s love of water comes from breeding domestic cats with the Asian Leopard Cat, as can be seen with its appearance of a small wildcat. The Savannah cat was created by crossing a small wild cat with domestic cats, and actually likes playing with water and enjoys being bathed.

Many cat breeds were fancied on ships back in the day. According to legend the Turkish Van, or ‘swimming cat’ as it is known, swam ashore from Noah’s Ark. It is thought that the Abyssinian came to Europe by ship in the 19th century, and the Norwegian Forest Cat or the ‘Wegie’ as he has come to be known, is known as a Viking’s cat. The Maine Coon, cousin to the Norwegian Forest Cat was a popular cat for a ship in its native New England.


Many cats are just built to enjoy the water, The Japanese Bobtail, Norwegian Forest Cat, the Turkish Van and the Maine Coon all sport water resistant coats.  The Turkish Van also has a long body and small round paws which make it easier for them to swim.

However just because they are built to enjoy the water doesn’t mean that every cat of these particular breeds will. Whatever cat breed you own it is probably best to just let them decide whether they like the water or not, you will probably save yourself a lot of scars this way.

Check out this funny compilation of cats enjoying water from Funny Moments.[mashshare]

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