Thinking About A Second Cat? Check Out These Reasons Why You Should.


I love this short video compilation that answers the question … why not get a second cat?

It goes some way towards presenting in the affirmative a bunch of reasons why a second cat is a good idea. I know that cats can be very polarizing pets, but there are many reasons for owning a cute furry feline, so why stop at one?

For example, there are almost litter-trained from birth. It’s usually one of the first things the mommy cat teaches her kittens. Cats also clean themselves so no need for baths. And who doesn’t love the sound of a cat purring – it’s said to be one of the most comforting sounds around.

Cats are a boundless ball of energy and fun (when they’re not sleeping, or course). They are incredibly playful and curious, and it is also amazing to watch them at play and explore the world around them. At the same time, cats also spend a lot of time sleeping, so if it is a quiet pet that you want, then cats are for you!


Cats can be very affectionate and cuddly, when they are not being rascals. But even when they are being a rascal, they are soooo cute.

Check out this video and see if you think it’s time for a second cat in your home![mashshare]

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