5 Simple Tips To Boost Your Kitty’s Joy This Festive Season


Christmas is upon us. It’s a time of gifts, and visitors, and a change in our usual habits. The holidays are an exciting time for us – the opportunity to see friends and loved ones who we may not have seen in a while; or the chance to have a well deserved break! But did you know that this time can be unsettling for your beloved cat?

Cats are creatures of habit, often finding comfort in routine, and predictability. All of these things that we might consider monotonous give your beloved cat a sense of stability and allow them to be at ease in their environment. So here are some important things to remember this holiday season:

  • If your cat is particularly upset by change, cat pheromones could be a good investment this holiday season. Often available in a heat dispenser form, (that you can plug into your wall), or a spray, (which you can spray around their favourite areas of the house), cat pheromones can make a huge difference in how well your cat tolerates the upset of their usual day. Made from a synthetic pheromone that mimics the real deal, these pheromones act like a happy pill for your cat. They help to calm the nerves and give your cat the warm fuzzies that they need to feel like everything is okay.
  • If your cat is prone to urinating or defecating when they are feeling stressed, it is a really good idea to confine them to a tiled or easily-cleaned room before you know that you are about to go out/have visitors over/cause them stress. The synthetic pheromones should help to limit your cat’s stress, (and hopefully minimize/remove the problem toileting!), but if your cat is still having trouble coping, at least they will be confined to a space which you can easily clean. Rooms at the far end of the house and away from the action are best. Bathrooms are great for this, but do make sure that you keep that bathroom off-limits to visitors.[mashshare]

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