5 Simple Tips To Boost Your Kitty’s Joy This Festive Season

  • Try to maintain SOME of their usual routine. If your cat is accustomed to being fed in the morning after your shower, and of an evening before you go to bed, try to keep this the same while you’re on holidays. This will help your cat to feel that there is still some normalcy in their day, and can help to reduce their stress.
  • Don’t suddenly move where you store their food, water, or litter trays during this time. It is important that your cat knows where these items are, and during times of stress, they don’t often think straight – oftentimes relying on ingrained habit alone. So make sure that they know where to find them!
  • If your cat finds visitors unsettling, be sure that your cat has a “safe zone” such as your bedroom etc where your cat can feel safe. Make sure that visitors don’t enter this “zone”, and do your best to keep it quiet and calm.

The general rule here is to be considerate of your cat’s needs. If you follow the above steps, this should help to enjoy a happy holiday period for you both!

Check out this video! It helps to explains how to tell if your cat is feeling stressed.[mashshare]

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