So, What Do Cats Dream About? Discover This Sub-Conscious World Of Our Feline Friends


Do cat’s dream? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from pet parents. Yes, they do dream. Cats, just like humans, love dreaming, and cats sleep much more often than humans do, so they spend much more time having adventures in dreamland.

But, how do you know if your cat is having a sweet dream? If you watch them while they are asleep, see their sudden movements like twitching, chattering or paw movements. These are indicators that your cats are dreaming. But wouldn’t it be nice to know, what they are dreaming about?

First of all, let us understand the science or concept of dreaming and sleeping. Sleeping is really important for all living creatures. It is the way our bodies recover from a long day of activities. Scientists say that the brain activity of people doing some particular activity is the same while we sleep. Therefore, they conclude that we dream about the things we did earlier.

So what do you think cats dream about?


If this theory can be the basis of all dreams, then maybe cats dream about eating, playing with toys, hunting or smashing things, as they generally do throughout the day. Some dreams may not just past experiences but also, experiences that you may be striving for. Maybe your cat is dreaming of a house full of fish and cheese, or maybe, they dream about that perfect spot where they can sleep all day and be patted gently.

It might be really amazing to know what these cats tend to do in dreamland which makes them want to sleep more than usual. Are we feeding them a lot in their dream or are they chasing some random mouse who happens to steal their cheese? Whatever it is, we should be glad that cats can experience the magic and benefit of sleeping and dreaming. It really is a dream life for a cat.[mashshare]

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