What Is This Cat Doing To This Poor Human ..?


Exercise. Put simply: it’s something that I avoid like the plague, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m not overweight, and I’m not particularly lazy when it comes to being up and about. But the fact is, I have better things to do with my time! LOL.

If my friends phone me to invite me for a run, I can come up with a multitude of (somewhat) convincing excuses on the spot: I’m too tired; I’m sore; the kids need me; I need new shoes; I don’t have time – and the list of “reasons” go on. (And on, and on, and on … LOL) Thankfully, my friends know me well enough to have a giggle and move on with their phone tree of suckers to call!

Let’s be honest here: it’s hot. It takes effort. It takes energy that I simply don’t have. I have to start planning my day, AND I come home needing to shower again!

The truth is, I would much rather spend my time with my pets. Give me grooming them and cleaning out their litter trays any day, over going for a run or lifting weights.


But, what if we could somehow combine the two? What if picking up our kitties and giving them a cuddle burned more than a tenth of a calorie? What if swinging around a feather stick was proven to give us toned arms and the butt that we’ve always wanted?

Well, though I doubt this chick is burning much in the way of fat at all, she could be on the brink of discovering a whole new form of work out for us cat freaks! (Or, in my case, “Crazy cat ladies” LOL). What should we call it? Yogat? Catoga? Catlisthenics?  What about Cat Chi?

Well, whatever we decide to go with, I’m in! Surely lifting my 16lb cat has got to count for something! LOL[mashshare]

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